Electric Ambulance

First aid vehicles equipped with stretcher.

Electric ambulance equipped with stretcher, for first-aid purposes during sport events, in explosion risk environments, in tunnels, fairs and industrial plants.

Small electric emergency vehicles

The ambulance crew can be composed by 3 paramedics plus the patient. The vehicle, thanks to the compact dimensions and to the high manoeuvrability, has the capability to reach the target zone quickly and easily. The paramedics, after having done the medical evaluations and decided the transport, can immobilize the person with aid equipment, such as spider straps, cervical collar and head immobilizers.

The transport from the accident location to the nearest first-aid facility, like an advanced rescue vehicle, is done without causing any additional damage to the patient, thanks to particular electric ambulance suspensions. The assistance, in case of necessity, is guaranteed for a very long range thanks to the high autonomy, that on ordinary paths is about 150 km, for the highly performative batteries installed. The powerful electric engine and the frame structure permit to transport medical equipment also with high weight, hence, Alke’ electric vehicles are able to move weight until 1630 kg, and they can supply energy to electromedical such as drug fridges, respirators, radio equipment and so on.

Usages and technical specifications of the Alke' electric ambulance

This special vehicle is equipped with a rear passenger seat, a spinal board and is possible to add a medical equipment box and a sunshade cover. Alke’ electric ambulance is the perfect solution to perform first aid and rescues also in indoor and small environments, thanks to its dimensions. Furthermore, is available the anti-explosion configuration, also ideal for being a rescue vehicle in tunnels and construction sites. Hence, Alke’ ambulances have low turning radius and small dimensions, that make possible to pass in small spaces where normal ambulances could not pass.

The characteristic of absence of noise and polluting emissions permits to use this vehicle in environments with particular needs, such as touristic resorts and hospital facilities, so where a low environmental and noise pollution represent a priority. The ambulance module can be removed and requires installation of a flatbed or a cargo bed with drop sides. This can be very useful in moments of low utilization or unutilization of the ambulance module, having the possibility to convert the vehicle into an electric pickup. Alkè vehicles without the ambulance module are N1 type-approved for the road circulation. This special electric vehicles are used by sport facilities and other structures both as ambulances and as transport vehicles or vehicles for doing maintenance.

Electric ambulances are also suitable to work in indoor environments because they have zero emissions and, in general, to small and difficult-to-access areas. The areas of use are truly the most diverse, below are some of the contexts in which these first aid vehicles are used:

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