Custom Configuration

Create a custom configuration for your zero emissions vehicle.

ALKE’ zero emissions vehicle is perfect for customisation on this type of vehicle. They are extremely compact with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg and can support inclines of 35%. 

Create your customised configuration using the Alkè zero emissions vehicle as a base!

What’s interesting is that since they stay within a certain volume and are not integrated with too many specific types of equipment, approval for use is automatic and based on the certificate of compliance provided at the moment of purchase.

ALKE’ zero emissions vehicle can be purchased with a flat cargo bed in the back, allowing compatibility of most of the configuration made on the loading area with European approval provided by the manufacturer and easy integration/fitting of trim on the vehicle. On request, interfaces can be incorporated with the vehicle’s power supply if the additional module requires it (for supplementary lighting, the refrigeration unit, vacuum fans, water jets, pumps, etc.).

These vehicles have a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg, with the possibility of a customisable volume (for the ATX range) of 124x180xH130 cm, or about 3 mc and a towing ability in the private area of 3,000 kg. 

1,000 kg capacityThe high load capacity in such tight spaces is one of the strengths of the Alkè ATX zero emissions vehicle.
127 cm wideThe vehicle is very compact and can even pass through the smallest streets of city centres or on bike paths.
180 cm flatbed lengthAlkè ATX vehicles come in various versions with a flatbed of either 130 cm or 180 cm in length, with single or double cab
70 km autonomyAutonomy is approximate and can vary a lot depending on how the zero emissions vehicle is used. With additional battery sets you can increase the autonomy of the electric vehicles.

The electric power supply of these vehicles truly facilitates any integration with auxiliary electric equipment. The electric drive also makes it possible to operate in limited traffic areas or closed areas such as airports, industrial plants, hospitals, etc., where regular fuelled vehicles are not allowed. If there are quite a lot of customisations to be made, they can be directly designed and fitted by the ALKE’ manufacturer.

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