Electric Vehicles

Alke’ electric vehicles are professional vehicles for transport, 100% made in Italy, designed to be used in the hardest and most demanding conditions. Available in the road, heavy duty and explosion-proof versions. Areas of use: municipalities, logistic operators, waste collection, postal services, catering, street food, etc. Also ideal in off-road with appropriate tyres.

What's the Perfect Electric Vehicle Model for You?

Electric Vehicles ATX320E

The best-selling electric vehicle. ATX320E are professional zero emission electric vehicles with road omologation, loading capacity (chassis) of 635 kg and towing capacity of 2.000 kg.

Off road electric vehicles ATX330E

The best performance in their segment. The range of ATX330E zero emissions vehicles matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs and performance and agility necessary for urban applications.

Electric utility vehicles ATX340E

The electric vehicle with exceptional performance. The ATX340E electric vehicles were born to face the tough conditions in all sectors thanks to their high level power, robustness and load capacity.

Small Electric Pick-up ATX 310E

Suitable for work where space is limited. ATX 310E are professional, extremely agile, flexible Small Electric Vehicles that are sturdy and compact in size.

Double Cab ATX ED Electric Vehicles

4-seater vehicle for transporting work groups and materials. Designed to transport work groups and materials at the same time and offer a high level of performance, flexibility and sturdiness.

ATEX explosion proof vehicles

For potentially hazardous environments. Ideal for chemical and petrochemical industries, production sites of mineral oil and natural gas, mining, tunnel construction and maintenance and many other sectors.

Electric Vehicles for Waste Collection

The greenest and quietest waste collection vehicles on the road. Equipped with waste collection body, designed for use in cities and towns, sport centres, railway stations, airports, camping sites and tourist villages.

Electric Ambulance

First aid vehicles equipped with stretcher. Electric ambulance equipped with stretcher, for first-aid purposes during sport events, in explosion risk environments, in tunnels, fairs and industrial plants.

Off Road Utility Vehicles

Technology and power at your service. Two-wheel drive off-road vehicles couldn’t be left out of the Alke’ range for work in the most extreme conditions.

Utility vehicles

Alke’ utility vehicles are specifically designed for all the applications where reliability, manufacturing quality and functional design are a priority. These electric utility vehicles are the result of years of experience and tests on this field.