Small Crane Truck

Move heavy materials on board.

The Alke’ small crane truck is ideal for moving heavy materials on board the machine quickly using just one vehicle. These electric vehicles are fitted with a cargo bed and crane behind the cab that allow you to work quietly without polluting.

Pickup truck with crane - Characteristics and Advantages

The small electric crane trucks allow you to load and transport heavy material safely and quickly using a single vehicle instead of two (lift truck and transport vehicle). Moreover, since they are electric, the operations are carried out quietly without polluting. The use of these small crane trucks has many positive aspects: they can be used in closed spaces; material can be loaded and transported using just one vehicle; they are extremely compact and can operate in limited space; material is handled safely and quickly.

The boom of the crane fits behind the cab leaving the cargo area free (150 cm loading bed) for transporting goods and the crane has a lifting capacity of up to 995 kg at 1.20 m. The hydraulic outreach can be extended to 3 metres and a 950 mm manual extension can be added. To ensure the stable, safe lifting of the materials with the crane, the small crane truck has 2 stabiliser feet to prevent the load being handled from moving dangerously. Alke’ vehicles, including those with a crane attachment, can tow up to 2,000 kg on public roads and 4,500 kg in private areas.

Small crane truck for various work requirements

The Alkè ATX vehicle with a crane attachment can also be useful when heavy material has to be placed high up. It is mainly used in industrial premises for moving heavy components, in construction sites and in general where it is difficult to work with lift trucks. This is an extremely compact crane truck which is small and easy to manoeuvre and at the same time very stable and solid. The Alkè crane truck is available also in the explosion proof ATEX version for use in potentially dangerous environments such as in the chemical and petrochemical industries, natural gas and petroleum production sites, the mining industry, and companies constructing and maintaining tunnels. Alkè has lengthy experience in the production of all-electric vehicles, for both road/commercial use, as well as more intensive industrial use and all the solutions offered are the result of years of experience in the electric work vehicles sector.

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