Electric Vans with Semi-Trailer

High load volume.

Alke’ electric vans with semi-trailer have been designed to operate in a variety of sectors including the public sector, industry, trade and tourism. The high 16 m³ load volume and compact size make these vehicles the ideal solution for work in urban areas and intensive use in enclosed spaces.

High performing and sustainable

Alke’ electric vans with semi-trailer, which are EU-type approved to operate in urban areas, show outstanding performance on roads and in private areas: total maximum weight of vehicle + semi-trailer of 4,100 kg and 16 m³ load volume.

These basic characteristics guarantee top-of-the-range performance for ATX electric vans with semi-trailer in the transport and distribution of goods and materials in a number of different sectors. Their compact size and low turning radius make these vehicles perfect for work in enclosed spaces, in restricted traffic zones or areas where strict environmental restrictions apply.

The use of Alke’ electric vans with semi-trailer is not limited to one area; to cater for the needs of various sectors, the semi-trailer comes in two different versions: with automatic DIN Ø40 towing hook with semi-trailer (ST1) and with fifth wheel with 2″ kingpins with semi-trailer (ST2).


Since they are high performing, agile and sturdy, Alke’ electric vans with semi-trailer can effortlessly tackle the most demanding challenges in a number of sectors including:

PUBLIC SECTOR: municipal services, hospitals, schools and university campuses, community services, maintenance of parks and green areas, waste collection services, ecological and environmental services.

INDUSTRY/COMMERCE: industrial plants, shipyards, ports and airports, trade fairs, postal and courier services, home delivery services, shopping centres.

TOURISM: holiday villages, residences and hotels, parks, camp sites, tourist and archaeological sites, zoos and amusement parks. 

For the semi-trailer option, Alke' recommends the following models:

ATX340E modelElectric van with 980 kg load capacity. For 24-hour use, it can be installed with an optional removable battery pack. Download technical specs
ATX340EH modelElectric van with zero emissions and 1,630 kg load capacity. For 24-hour use, it can be installed with an optional removable battery pack. Download technical specs

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