Firefighter Utility Vehicles

Ready to action in case of fire.

Alke’ electric firefighter vehicle can easily and in short time reach the point where the fire. Starts discover all the advantages that you can have with the use of this vehicle.

Always ready when and where needed

In situations as fires in which time is precious, having a ready-for-use vehicle in case of necessity allows to save human lives and to delimit material damages. This firefighter module can be installed in all Alke’ electric vehicles and it is composed by a tank of 600 liters provided with fire hose reel and 50 m hose pipe with fire prevention spray gun. Rapid and easy to use even for just one operator, it is the solution directly on the spot to intervene as fast as possible in case of fire.

The use of electric vehicles instead of traditional combustion vehicles is fundamental in strictly regulated environments, for security reasons in different sites or for the environmental policy adopted. For that reason they are ideal for industrial plants, holiday villages, large shopping centres or municipalities.

A specific fire-extinguishing for every fire

In situations as fires in which time is precious, having a ready-for-use vehicle and able to adapt to the evolving of the emergency may allow to save human lives and to delimit material damages. Alke’ electric vehicles with mixed firefighter unit make various fire-extinguishing available for the operator depending on the different situation. This module specific for professional use offers the possibility to change fire-extinguishing directly from the gun to face the peculiarities of the case:

WaterRecommended for solid materials fire, with the possibility to choose among full jet, narrow fan pattern, wide fan pattern and jet spray
Air foamUsed for flammable liquids fire, available in the options water with additive (wetting agent), low expansion foam, medium expansion foam
Carbon dioxide foamPossibility to choose between low expansion CO2 foam and medium expansion CO2 foam
Carbon dioxideUseful in case of fire in closed environment or in case of electric origin fire

Alke’ electric vehicles are available also in the explosion-proof version, suitable therefore to operate in explosion risk areas, such as oil and gas processing plants, tunnels and mines, chemical plants. In case of need to transport more than one operator in the place of the intervention, Alke’ electric vehicles are available also with double cab 4-seater.

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