Tail Lift Van

Electric van fitted with a tail lift for handling.

The Alkè ATX pick up outfitted with a tail lift is the ideal solution for handling cargo within structures such as hospitals, school complexes, exhibition centres, airports, but also inside parks for handling bins or for managing catering services. 

The multiple uses of the tail lift

The tail lift on Alkè vehicles can be swinging or folding, depending on the specific needs. The Alkè tail lift van allows you to save significantly in terms of time and costs. In fact, with a single vehicle you can carry out the loading/unloading operations easily and safely. Moreover, since it is full electric, there are no fuel costs and maintenance costs are minimal compared with combustion engine vehicles. The ATX with tail lift is full electric, therefore zero noise and exhaust emissions. This means that it can operate both outdoors and indoors without disturbing people within the structure where it is used. Alke’ tail lift trucks are used: 

Tail lift van: main characteristics

The tail lift electric van used to make cargo handling easier, has the following characteristics:

Tail lift load capacity500 kg
Tail lift length130 cm
Vehicle load capacity1.260 kg
Width140 cm

Handling of cargo: zero effort and zero emissions

This tail lift pick up is extremely easy to use since the controls for manoeuvring the tail lift can be positioned both outside on the side of the vehicle and on a remote control that allows the operator to manoeuvre the platform from the loading area or from the platform itself. The tail lift is very useful to simplify moving cargo from the  loading bed to the ground and vice versa. The tail lift can be mounted with the closed cargo bed equipment, with the steel mesh sides or with other equipment that has a compatible rigid structure on the sides. The tail lift is mounted on ATX EH/EDH versions with long wheelbase (200 cm cargo bed). 

Depending on the equipment mounted with the tail lift, various uses are possible: handling of the bins, handling of trolleys for example for those who need to transport meals such as catering companies or for loading and unloading carts with linens like operations in hospitals or hotel or other types of structures. In fact, it is very useful for those who do not have forklifts or pallet jacks for loading or unloading the material from the vehicle loading area.

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