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Alke’ utility vehicles are specifically designed for all the applications where reliability, manufacturing quality and functional design are a priority. These electric utility vehicles are the result of years of experience and tests on this field.

What utility vehicles are?

A utility vehicle (UTV) is a professional vehicle specifically produced for companies and people that need a high level of quality, reliability and performances. Another characteristic that can surely qualify an utility vehicle is the variety of tasks that it can perform and the range of different situation where it can work. Alkè electric utility vehicles are designed following the previous ideas: quality, with no excuses. ATX utility vehicle offer standard full-optional out-fittings and an extremely solid construction. For example, all ATX vehicles have dual circuit hydraulic brakes, front and rear towing hooks, parking brake, hazard and flashing lights, horn, 12V socket on board, locked box for tools, tipping loading bed with three sides in anti-corrosion tubular aluminum and cargo barrier acting as a roll-bar. These vehicles have a load capacity up to 1.630 kg, a towing capacity up to 4.500 kg and can run slopes up to 35%. Furthermore, this vehicle is compact and with a small width, these characteristics let it work even in the smallest environment, both inside or outside.

Several customizations available for the utility vehicles

A lot of configurations are available upon request to let the vehicle become perfect for any possible usage, thanks to more than 100 of options available. For example, a customer who lives in places where the winter is hard can ask for mounting a snow blade, a salt spreading accessory and a powerful heating system. A company that needs to transport fresh goods can have mounted the refrigerated cargo box. A firm, for distance a small tourist resort, that needs to do short transportation of people can ask for passenger carriers configurations and so on. A special configuration of course is the explosion proof version of this electric pickup: it is produced to work in special environments where security is a very high priority, such as chemical plants, oil refineries and other types of dangerous areas. In this places a normal combustion engine can not work, due to security reason linked with the blasting danger. They have the ATEX certification, requested to mach safety with performance.

Small, robust, type-approved and easy to use: important features for an utility vehicle

Alke’ electric utility car can work in mountain or in bumpy areas without any problems, because these UTVs can handle slopes up to 35%, showing its superiority respect any other electric vehicle. Thanks to the zero emissions of this utility vehicle, it can easily work on inside environments with no risk, this can be particularly useful for handling goods in big warehouses or industries, fairs and other types of realities. Alke’ vehicles are type-approved and suitable to be driven on public road. Furthermore, this vehicle does not produce any local pollution, neither environmental nor noise, so it can be easily be driven in indoor spaces and on roads with emission restrictions, such as those in the city centers.

This vehicle normally performs different tasks according with the type of user: Public administration usually buy electric UTV for street cleaning, waste management and park maintenance. In the touristic sector is highly appreciated the eco-characteristics of Alke’ vehicles for minimizing air pollution and especially noise, that can be an interesting advantage for such structures (in the same category can be considered also hospitals). Some other examples are following:

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