Cargo Bed With 3 Way Tipper

Electric Pickup truck with 3 way tipper cargo bed.

The ATX electric vehicle with 3 way tipper loading bed is an irreplaceable work partner. Compact and easy to manoeuvre, with a load capacity up to 1,630 kg (chassis).

Electric Pickup trucks with trilateral electro-hydraulic tipping cargo bed

Designed to be used both for urban and off-road driving, capable of tackling gradients of up to 35°, lithium battery powered Alkè ATX vehicles with a trilateral tipping cargo bed can achieve an autonomy of 150 kilometres, more than enough, therefore, to carry out daily tasks that require large quantities of material to be moved.

The 1,630 kg load transport capacity (chassis) and 4,500 kg towing capacity, as well as the ability to raise the trilateral tipping cargo bed – toward the right, left and rear – facilitates the loading and offloading of goods, making them easy operations to perform.

The trilateral tipper bed can be installed on all versions of the ATX 330 and ATX 340models (standard wheel base), making it possible to configure the vehicle with the features best suited to your needs, such as use in agriculture or off-the-road driving, even intensive, rather than industrial use.

From municipal services to construction companies: why choose the tipping unit

These electric vehicles equipped with a tipper cargo bed and dropdown panels on three sides are therefore ideal for municipal services, holiday villages, green space and parks maintenance and any work activities which require easy offloading operations.

Tasks such as waste collection, sorting of heavy materials, moving tools and signs in urban areas or delivering bed linen or transporting various types of equipment in tourist residences and villages are just a few examples of the enormous flexibility offered by Alkè ATX vehicles equipped with an electro-hydraulic trilateral tipper. The electric tipper cargo bed is also widely used in agriculture and by construction companies who find it highly useful, above all in city centres where space is limited and Alkè work vehicles are able to transit without any difficulty. In addition to the compact dimensions of these vehicles, another important aspect for those who work in city centres is, without doubt, the absence of CO2 emissions meaning there are no restrictions on transiting in restricted areas.

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