Utility Vehicle with Ladder Racks

Commercial electric vehicles equipped with ladder racks.

Alke’ electric utility vehicles can be equipped with a ladder rack that allows technicians, maintenance workers, and artisan craftsmen to easily load and unload ladders to and from their vehicles.

Electric utility vehicle equipped with ladder racks

Alke’ electric commercial vehicles can be equipped with a ladder rack to further facilitate the work of many professionals. In fact, the installation of a ladder rack can be useful to electricians, to those who carry out maintenance activities, to the technicians of various utility providers (electricity, phone, etc.), to artisan craftsmen, and to all of those who need to get around with an equipped van. Being able to mount a ladder rack on fully electric vehicles is particularly important for those who need to drive through historic centres or move from open areas to closed ones, and vice versa. Furthermore, with a van height of only 185 cm, the ladder rack is extremely manageable. Electric vans with ladder racks are also perfect for company fleets in that they require very little maintenance as compared to combustion vehicles. Plus, in the case of particularly large fleets, in addition to the ladder rack, customised features are also available in the vehicle’s loading area.

Alke' commercial electric vans with ladder rack - Characteristics

In Alke’ vehicles the ladder rack requires the presence of tarpaulin body and is available for both 180 cm and 200 cm loading areas. The structure of the ladder rack used for Alke’ vans is constructed entirely in aluminium and stainless steel and is suitable for ladders weighing up to 60 kg. The hydraulic brake and gas springs make the raising and lowering of the ladder rack track even easier. 

The ladder rack makes the transport of ladders safe and facilitates their loading and unloading. Furthermore, the loading area remains completely clear. The Alke’ utility vehicle with ladder rack is available in a 2 or 4-seat version for transporting work teams.

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