Electric Vehicles with Pressure Washer or Sprayer

For street cleaning and maintenance of green areas.

Alke’ electric vehicles can be equipped with pressure washer or sprayer for maintenance of urban and green areas and street cleaning. The 600 litre tank guarantees greater functional autonomy.

Alkè electric vehicles with professional pressure washer: characteristics and uses

Among the range of configurations available for Alke’ electric vehicles is the pressure washer which, thanks to the power of its water jet, is able to effortlessly clean urban surfaces like roads, pavements, and walls and is also equipped with a 3000 W pump, with a capacity of 8 l/min, for the water output. The 600 litre fibreglass tank guarantees greater autonomy and the 20 metre hose allows one to work in large areas without having to frequently move the vehicle. It can be mounted on either a 180 cm or 200 cm cargo bed. Alkè electric vehicles with pressure washer are N1 approved for road circulation and are therefore suitable to be used for urban sanitation and maintenance activities. This set-up, as with other set-ups of Alkè vehicles, is easily unmounted and remounted making it possible to use the loading area for other activities as needed. The pressure washer is also available in the COMBI version with waste collection body.

Electric utility vehicles with sprayer for maintenance of green areas

Alke’ electric vehicles can also be equipped with tank and sprayer, a set-up used primarily by groundskeepers for the maintenance of large green areas. Also in this case, as with the pressure washer module, the tank is made from fibreglass and has a capacity of 600 litres. 50 metre hose with nozzle and electric pump with a capacity of 20 l/min at 20 Bar. These silent and non-polluting vehicles provide valuable help in carrying out all spraying and maintenance activities of large green areas, like for example public gardens, parks, sports facilities, and wooded areas, as well as vegetable gardens and orchards.

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