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The Waste Management and Waste Collection Vehicle

The Alkè waste management and waste collection vehicle – the perfect waste management vehicle. If you are after a waste management and waste collection vehicle for your council area or waste management facility, then the waste collection unit is the vehicle for you. Electric, with zero tailpipe emissions gives you unlimited access into restricted zoning due to green targets set out by our governments. As well the compact dimensions making it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces, weaving in and out of bollards and laneways with ease.

Standard Features Include

  • 48V AC asynchronous induction electric motor
  • Maximum torque of 113
  • Maximum motor power of 14
  • Speed of up to 44km/hour.
  • Vehicle performance setting of ECO Mode and Sport Mode available – the management of waste has never been so important. View some stats here
  • Standard white body colour with the option of many different colours to choose from
  • 3 Point Seat belts for both the driver and the passengers
  • LED Lighting
  • Lead Acid 14.4 Kw as standard for the battery, with the option to choose Lithium or whichever battery option you prefer, the battery life is 1x 48V.
  • Battery swap system. You have the power to choice the option of Gel or Lithium LiFe PO4 for your waste collection unit.
  • Maximum negotiable slope of 35%. The only electric vehicle in the market to maintain high performance with slopes of rough terrain areas.

The Capacity of the Waste Collection Vehicle

Maximum Load Capacity of 650kg

The great added bonus is of course, the rear bin, which creates a greats a heavy duty capacity with a 2.8 Cubic Metre Capacity, means more space for more work. You will have an extended work load to maximize efficiency in the working day for waste management. For such a compact vehicle, the capacity is great advantage to increase productivity in day to day activities.

Top 12 Segments

You may be thinking the obvious choice for the waste collection unit is the council, and you would be right. However this unit is so functional it can suit a number of different businesses that you may not have thought of.

  1. The Public Segment
  2. Waste Management services
  3. Councils
  4. Park Maintenance
  5. Schools and University Campus
  6. Industry & Commerce
  7. Industrial Plants
  8. Shipping Yards
  9. Logistical Sites
  10. Ports
  11. Airports
  12. Shopping Centres
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6 Key Benefits of The Waste Management and Waste Collection Vehicle

  1. CAPACITY – As mentioned above the capacity of the vehicle in terms of its rear bin allows for a more effective and productive work schedule. The combined 2.8 cubic metre capacity as well as the 650ks loading capacity speaks volumes in terms of Alkè’s engineering to provide top performance for the waste collection unit.
  2. AUTONOMY – With up to 200km of Autonomy – the range of the vehicle gives you peace of mind that you can arrange longer shift times to complete the jobs set out more efficiently.
  3. ATTACHMENT – Rear Bin Lifter Attachment – The bin lift attachment featured gives the option of 120, 240 or 360 litres depending on the needs of your business.
  4. 100% ELECTRIC- Zero emissions emitted meaning that operating in restricted zoning allowed
  5. SILENT OPERATION- Due the vehicle being electric, the electric traction can allow this waste collection unit to work inside silently.
  6. COMPACT – Across the ATX range the compact nature of these vehicles makes them ideal for narrow streets and cities – making it perfect for waste management.

Regenerative Braking System

This is applicable throughout the ATX range. Concerning the waste management and waste collection vehicle this important as the factor of energy recovery is exceedingly important for stop and go movements for this type of vehicle. The regenerative braking system that Alkè has designed and implemented, the system increase the ranges up to 30%. Within Europe, councils are the number one customer for Alkè for this type of vehicle because of this factor.

The Advantages of The Waste Management and Waste Collection Vehicle with RBS

  • Common stop and go movement
  • Savings of up to 30% in energy consumption
  • Increased battery autonomy because of the energy consumption
  • Maximum torque of the electric motor – providing maximum efficiency.
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How Does RBS Work?

Due to years of research and development, Alkè have done their due diligence to discover the best electric motor to suit their vehicle. The latest generation of brakes has discovered due to research and development, that the motor can work as a dynamo, sending the all the energy to the drive batteries. Due to this development, it makes average consumption lower (up to 30%), allows for a higher autonomy to be possible. This highlights the advantage of ‘the stop and go’ movement as it allows for more efficiency in autonomy and the saving of energy consumption.

Why Choose An Electric Waste Collection Unit over Petrol/Diesel?

Alkè really have done their research. In which they have tested this comparison to truly see the models effectiveness. Overall it was founded that the series of waste that a petrol vehicle itself generated compared to an electric vehicle was much greater than an electric choice.

Combining the factors of; brake wear, noise pollution, energy efficiency and stationary pollution due to the nature of the petrol/diesel vehicle – electric is the definitive choice.

The silent, efficient, and brake recovery factors make a waste management and waste collection vehicle a better choice for industries in waste management. In terms for saving costs, maintenance, productivity, autonomy and environmental issues due to the element of the regenerative braking system alone is a deciding factor in itself.

Why Not Try the COMBI Version?

This is a version may be a more suitable option if you are specific to urban areas and require dual needs to suit your purpose. Below you can see the benefits of choosing a two COMBI set up to suit multiple environments as well as the extras that each unit gives to create a highly functional waste management and waste collection vehicle.

Multiple Environments suited for The Waste Management and Waste Collection Vehicle

Combining the two COMBI of the waste collection body and the pressure washer COMBI. These two features make it a perfect configuration for urban areas. The one vehicle can complete numerous tasks without the need for two vehicles. Whilst the waste is being collected, the cleaning of roads, sidewalks, walls and other surfaces can take place simultaneously. With the added bonus of the 20M hose fitted as standard with the pressure washer COMBI. The hose is highly effective reaching in hard to reach areas and rolled back up on the reel for storage on the vehicle.

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Twice the COMBI - Twice the Capacity

The pressure washer is electric with the option of detergents. The 600L tank allows for a 8 litres/per minute flow. Heavy duty cleaning is where you can see the maximum benefit of the pressure washer. The added COMBI of the pressure washer gives you the ability for cleaning encrustations on pavements for example.

The waste collection body itself is an anti corrosive aluminum, lasting longer as well as LED beacon for standards and road compliance. The combination of the two elements increases overall efficiency in different tasks.


From our Previous Article on the high pressure cleaner

“Alkè as you can see are electric. That being a given it is already the better, sustainable option. With the contributing factors of the electric motor giving maximum efficiency with recycled energy – it’s a no brainer!

Not to mention Alkè has been an advocate for long standing sustainable solutions business, with their production process using sustainable methods of packaging and recycling in their procedures. As mentioned in our previous articles going green is not going away for business. To get on board to this initiative is great for your brand and in the long term saving you money and time in maintenance costs. Alkè vehicles by nature are long lasting, with less costs to maintenance of the vehicle and not have to replace for a long time enhances the sustainability factor, not just for the environment, but for business running costs – your bottom line.”

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About Alkè and the Alkè Range

If you didn’t know about EMC now being the Primary distributor of the Alkè range, find out more here in our Introduction to Alkè Electric Vehicles article. Additionally, if you feel you need a simpler model with fewer features, and have stumbled across this article, here’s our other product articles explaining the core ATX Range, featuring the high pressure cleaner

For now here’s a brief overview taken from our Introduction Article to keep you in the know and understand what Alkè is all about;

“Alkè Electric Vehicles are the number one in problem solving solutions concerning the utility vehicle problem for your commercial or industrial business. With over 25 years of experience in the vehicle market and now with a prominent presence throughout Europe, Alkè is now a key player in the electric vehicle market. Not only that, but their specialty surrounds itself within the industrial market with global presence growing more and more.”


Whether you are in the public sector for waste management or revolve in the industry sector there is a place for your Alkè Waste Collection Unit. No job is too small for this compact and versatile vehicle. With the blend of zero emissions, load capacity, and rear bin attachment this unit is highly functional. For greater practicality, the dual COMBI option is available to fit a dual purpose scenario. If you are considering purchasing your next waste collection unit, you have found it within the Alkè range.