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The Alkè Range – The 3 Way Tipper ATX340E

In this article we will show you the 3 Way Tipper, an extension of the ATX340E model. Previously we have already shown you the standard model of the ATX340E, to the functional high pressure cleaner.

As you can see, there are already suitable choices for you to choose from. We have realized the capabilities of the standard unit the ATX340E and the multipurpose high pressure cleaner- the ATX340EH. However there the 3 way tipper model impresses EMC, to be honest the most. In terms of functionality for large industry – it fits all.

Cargo Bed With 3 Way Tipper Industrial Electric Vehicles & Accessories
Cargo Bed With 3 Way Tipper Industrial Electric Vehicles & Accessories

ATX340E – 3 Way Tipper

This electric pickup truck with a trilateral electro-hydraulic tipping cargo bed can suit urban and off road driving making this model suitable for any environment.

To provide the maximum power to match the greatness of the 3 way tipper, the recommended battery is of course giving you bang for buck in terms of longer lasting batteries, is the Lithium LiFe PO4, which means a longer functioning vehicle. This gives the autonomy of the vehicle up to 150km. If you would like to find out more on the advantages of choosing a Lithium battery in your Alkè vehicle we have all the facts here

Tow and Load Capacity of the 3 Way Tipper

  • Tow Capacity – 4500kg.
  • Load Capacity – 1630kg.

With the 3 way tipper, the ability to raise the bed gives it more capability in terms of tow and load. The tipping operates from the left, to right and to the rear. This facilitates the loading and offloading of goods. Combining these three elements it increases functionality and efficiency of the unit making unloading and loading faster.

The Standard Features Include

  • 2 adjustable seats in the cab as standard
  • Top speed of 44km per hour.
  • Maximum autonomy up to 2ookm
  • 48V AC electric motor
  • Vehicle performance setting available in ECO and SPORT Mode
  • Transmission with electric speed variation
  • Front hydraulic brakes and rear hydraulic drum brakes
  • Standard white body colour with the option of customised colours
  • Front and rear lights in road style
  • Full LED rear lights
  • Road tyres as standard with the option of low profile road tyres

Across the Alkè range there is a full set of standard features, so much is already packed into the vehicle we can’t list it all. You can find the extended full list here in their catalogue, of which we have on hand at EMC HQ.

small electric utility vehicles tipper Industrial Electric Vehicles & Accessories

The Functionality of the 3 Way Tipper

Highly practical and easy to manoeuvre, making it an irreplaceable work partner.

  • Carries out daily tasks that require large quantities of material that need to be moved.
  • Ease of operation because of the tipper
  • 3 way, 3 x the functionality!

Read on below get informed on more about the tipper, the advantages of the tipper and where to use your new vehicle.


More About The 3 Way Tipper

The trilateral tipper is an extension the ATX 340E in this case. If you were to order the ATX 330 also, the tipper would act as extension of the vehicle itself, both with a standard wheel base.

By adding the function of the tipper on it allows the configurations best suited to your needs such as intensive use in mining and construction sites.

5 Key Advantages of The Alkè 3 Way Tipper for Your Business

Combining the standard features, tow and load capacity and functionality factors we can see that there are overall many advantages to choosing this model. Below we have collected 5 key advantages of the ATX340E 3 way tipper in terms of day to day usability for you and team to see realise the full benefits of the 3 way tipper.  

  1. Flexible loading and unloading due the 3 way function
  2. Safer and healthier for your worker. Due to the 3 way function, there is less need for manual loading and unloading for your team. Less moving in and out of the vehicle means less risk overall. This can be terms of manual lifting or moving in and out of tight spaces that can be dangerous in high traffic areas.
  3. Less Space needed to unload – Unloading in a tight space is one thing that drivers have problems handling. Backing up and manoeuvring in a tight space can be dangerous. With the 3 way tipper, there is less of needs to back and reverse. If you are working in a public area, this creates less risk.
  4. Higher functionality and efficiency. 3 way tipper. 3 x the functionality!
  5. Fast unloading, reduced unloading times because of less manoeuvring around. There is an easier functional way to achieve load times with the lack or turning, reversing and positioning the vehicle in the right area.

Businesses Suitable

  • Municipals
  • Construction Sites
  • Large Industrial Sites
  • Large Farms
  • Park Maintenance
  • Holiday Parks

Any space that requires an easy offloading operations – this 3 way tipper is the option for you and your operation. The tipper is ideal for sorting heavy materials, moving equipment and transporting many goods at one time. This flexible unit is suited to all sorts of diverse industry as seen above. Widely used already in Europe in large construction sites and agriculture.

The compact design across the ATX range applies itself again with the 3 way tipper, with inner cities not being a problem due its size and adaptability. With the added bonus of zero carbon emissions, giving you the freedom to work wherever you need to without the concern of restricted zoning.

Read on below to get important information on our new relationship with Alkè and how it works. Find out about Alkè spare parts, servicing, and about Alkè and EMC came together.

3 Way Tipper

EMC and Alkè – How it Works

Spare Parts

Alkè Spare Parts are extensive. Alkè know their products well. As a result of this and the make-up of their vehicles speaks to this. The additional configurations and cargo accessories state to the fact that we all need that element of customisation. At EMC we have a great spare parts department that offer extensive accessories and solutions to our customer’s problems.

In our partnership with Alkè we at EMC are happy to facilitate ordering the spare parts for you if you require additional parts or accessories to your Alkè vehicle. Just simply ring in your requests or order online.

Here’s a brief listing of some of the spare parts that Alkè have;

  • Bonnet accessories; for example an anti-vibration pad for the battery box.
  • Bumper accessories; such a led spotlights for fogs, or a number plate light specifically to suit Alkè vehicle types
  • Upholstery; floor mats and shock absorbers
  • Tyres; different tyres are there for different needs. Has your site got tough terrain, does it need off road tyres or turf tyres?


EMC Servicing is now in a firm relationship with partner MLA Holdings Pty ltd. For an initial set up with Alkè servicing, we can have you set up in our system. However MLA is the official servicing body across EMC. As a standard across our existing national service network, Alkè will not upset the apple cart.

MLA have an experienced team of service technicians able and ready to work on your Alkè vehicle. With a few 25 years in the industry, Alkè have been well versed in the set-up of their servicing requirements so the transition for MLA and EMC to work together to ensure that you can get the best out of your Alkè vehicle is an easy shift. Our technical support can also give offer assistance on the inner workings of these Alkè machines and be there for technical advice when needed.

The Alkè Range – The 3 Way Tipper ATX340E


We at EMC are excited to have Alkè as another addition to our range of growing vehicles here. With the all the different variations of the vehicles that the ATX range has to offer there is a great opportunity for you as the customer to find the right vehicle to suit your needs. The factors of sustainable energy, zero emissions and the ability to customise is just some of the few things we love about our Alkè range. The future is bright, sustainable and electric!

About Alkè and the Alkè Range

If you didn’t know about EMC now being the Primary distributor of the Alkè range, find out more here in our Introduction to Alkè Electric Vehicles article. Additionally, if you feel you need a simpler model with fewer features, and have stumbled across this article, here’s our other product articles explaining the core ATX Range, featuring the ATX340E and high pressure unit

For now here’s a brief overview taken from our Introduction Article to keep you in the know and understand what Alkè is all about;

“Alkè Electric Vehicles are the number one in problem solving solutions concerning the utility vehicle problem for your commercial or industrial business. With over 25 years of experience in the vehicle market and now with a prominent presence throughout Europe, Alkè is now a key player in the electric vehicle market. Not only that, but their speciality surrounds itself within the industrial market with global presence growing more and more.”