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The Ultimate Industrial Electric Vehicle Range - Alke Electric Vehicles

We say again – we are excited! The ATX Range is to ultimate commercial and industrial electric vehicle choice in Australia. Now with Industrial Electric Vehicles being the house of the brand Alkè, we want to showcase the core range and our best usage suggestions for our core range offered under EMC/Industrial Electric Vehicles. 

The brand Alkè Electric Vehicles is a dominant global force in the electric vehicle industry for commercial and industrial electric vehicle applications. We are so pleased to share the greatness that is Alkè Electric Vehicles, with EMC as the primary distributor of Alkè Vehicles within Australia.

Having seen the various industrial electric vehicle configurations available earlier in the year, we wanted to refresh your memory and get you familiarised on the many benefits of choosing Alkè Electric Vehicles as where to use these machines.

Alkè Electric Vehicles know their stuff, with 25 years in the industry and counting! Any problem that you as a commercial or industrial business that you have – Alkè have it covered. Alkè have been the troubleshooting and innovative masters. This is shown  in their ATX electric vehicle Range.

The Italian owned company situates their products at the high end of the scale, with nothing but 100% quality to offer. With the brand now situated in over 40 countries across the globe, the brand speaks for itself.

The Top 3 Unique Qualities of the Alke Electric Vehicle Range.

With the number of configurations topping over 100 – all kinds of vehicles are available. Need a particular battery preference – the battery swap option is available for you to choose your preferred battery.

In terms of the Electric Motor that Alkè put into their ATX range – this is where their research and development team really shine. The climbing ability range is at a great 35% and the gradual power distribution makes the Alkè Electric Vehicles great for heavy industrial environments with tough terrains. Making this a great industrial electric vehicle choice!

Configurations - Industrial Electric Vehicles
electric vehicle
industrial electric vehicle

1. Tow and Load Capacity

Overall the full ATX Range has great towing and load capacities. As an industrial site this is a definite tick in the box. The load capacity has been proven time and time again and stands at 4500kg across most of the ATX Range. With many heavy industry moving large loads across their sites on a regular basis the load and tow capacity plays a significant factor in capability and reliability.

2. Sustainability

With any Alkè Electric Vehicle, zero tailpipe emissions are emitted thanks to their electric nature of Alkè and its innovative technologies. In addition – zero noise pollution! With the constant efforts within Australian businesses to be held accountable for their efforts in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, choosing an Alkè Electric Vehicle, as an industrial electric vehicle choice or a commercial one – isn’t just a smart business decision it’s a great environmental one!

There WLTP approved procedure as mentioned in previous articles is a great competitive advantage in the marketplace, particularly within, Australia. To have a product in your ranks that is sustainability manufactured from start to finishes enhances your sustainable efforts and commitment to the environment. Making the ATX Range a great choice for a commercial or industrial electric vehicle for your utility needs.

3. Heavy Duty System

The great autonomy range of up 150km per hour in the ATX industrial electric vehicle range maximises efficiency on the worksite. Recent data from Alkè themselves have shown the vehicles to achieve up to 200km per hour of autonomy! Additionally with an approval of a fifth wheel, this vehicles can be used with semi-trailers.

The unique technical elements are shown in their durable design and execution of the Alkè Electric Vehicles has allowed these vehicles to be the electric vehicles that last. This is all down to the extensive research and development which is why industrial businesses welcome Alkè Electric Vehicles in their business operations. It is clear that Alkè do their homework and know the importance of providing a vehicle that is resourceful and durable. The many configurations that they offer in the ATX Range speak to this.

The Configurations Offered with EMC

The different configurations of Alkè Electric Vehicles cover a wide range of usage suggestions. However currently EMC have 4 core ranges readily available which are primary suitable for industrial commercial entities;

1. ATX 340E (Flat Bed Option or Hydraulic Tipper)

A traditional utility style industrial electric vehicle that more than satisfies! Available in a 2 seat or 4 seat cab – ideal for bigger teams that need to get from A to B more efficiently.

Some of our key highlighted benefits of the ATX340E range include:

  • The cargo area of the ATX340E. The Cargo Area can be 180x123cm or 200x140cm. This gives you the option of more or less tray space to suit your storage requirements.
  • The tow and load capacity of these industrial electric vehicles gives you the opportunity for greater output in productivity.
  • With the option of a flat bed or hydraulic tipper – either option gives you 100% functionality depending on your needs.
  • The max autonomy of the ATX340E has up to 145km range
  • The ‘ECO mode’ and the ‘Energy saver’ mode allows optimisation of power on flat surfaces without harming the environment. The energy saver mode is a cost efficient method, as the non-continuous use of the battery gives it longer lasting life.
  • Climbing Ability of across the ATX range is 35% – increased efficiency is achieved at its maximum on flat surfaces.
industrial electric vehicle

2. ATX 340E – 3 Way Tipper

In principle this version of the ATX340E is the same, just with the three way functionality of the tipper

Highly practical and easy to manoeuvre, making it an irreplaceable work partner.

3 way tipping – 3 x the functionality!

  1. Carries out work tasks that require large quantities of material that need to be moved, because of the size of the tray.
  2. The ease of operation is a breeze because of the tipper – Easy offloading operations are a breeze with the 3 way tipper.
  3. The tipper is great as it works autonomously, reducing safety risks too! With a large portion manual unloading and loading made easier because of the tipper function.

3. ATX 340EH – High Pressure Cleaner 600 Litre Tank

This is the ATX range that has the ultimate functionality tool. The added 600Litre Tank, as well as the 20m hose, makes it the supreme choice for cleaning facility management services for site maintenance as well as council maintenance.

Key Benefits of the High Pressure Cleaner:

  • First impressions matter. How we look to customers must be well presented. If your site is clean and organised – it makes you look organised and high functioning – who won’t want to do business with you?
  • Cleanliness + High Standards. Are you being sustainable? With the use of the Alke vehicle combined with the water efficiency of the tank – you are. If you use greywater or recycled water – even better.
  • Work efficiency is increased by added the high pressure cleaner to your ATX range, giving you faster results. This enables to do more tasks in one day.
The Ultimate Industrial Electric Vehicle Range - Alke Electric Vehicles » Industrial electric vehicle

4.The Waste Collection Unit

The compact waste collection cleaning machine for Alkè!

Zero tailpipe emission makes getting into green zones easier, set out by Government, ensuring the streets and clean. The compact nature of the vehicle makes it easier for the vehicle to manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces such as laneways easy.

Other key features to use to your advantage:

  • The Load Capacity of this one sits at 650kg. The cubic metre capacity is one to note, measuring at 2.8 Cubic Metre Capacity, with more to work with its gives you maximised productivity.
  • The rear bin lifter attachment gives you an option of 120, 240 or 360 litres depending on the requirements you need for functionality.

Learn more about the Combi version here

The Top 12 Usage Suggestions from Us with the Core Range Offering!

The core range available with us at EMC gives you plenty of options for a varied range of usage possibilities. Given the power of the Alkè range has it’s clear to see that Alkè is suited to more of an industrial nature. However you would be surprise to know that their all sorts of configurations available if you are interested. Find out more here

  1. Industrial Plants – The key models suited for this segment would be the ATX 340E Standard utility, hydraulic tipper, or 3 way tipper. With heavy loads being a key factor – job is too small for these three options. The hydraulic lift gives extra power. The three way tipper gives the versatility of the range.
  2. Warehouse Facilities – All models would be suited for this type of work environment dependant on your level of capacity and requirements. You may only need a standard utility to carry goods around. Given the level of packing and unpacking, waste collection would be ideal to keep the site clean and organised.
  3. Mining Sites – This environment has all kinds of needs. Depending on how large your mining site is, will depend on which configuration you need the most. In terms of seating capacity; as Alke has a 4 seat option in all of their ATX range – mining sites would benefit from this as they work in varied team sizes, and have to travel wide distances on site at any time of day. Jumping into an Alkè electric vehicle makes it quicker and easier for a team to get around, whilst carrying needed goods for any task.
  1. Construction Sites – We would recommend the standard ATX340E range with either the utility tray style, hydraulic tipper or 3 way tipper as this suits a variety of construction requirements. The beauty of the tray modifications options is that they can also come in those different sizes; either: 180x123cm or 200x140cm.
  2. Shipping Yards – Shipping yards are huge. With the max autonomy of 200km – all day running with these vehicles is a breeze. Dirt and grime are commonplace here, so the high pressure cleaner would be helpful. Otherwise we think any of the 4 core ranges suit dependant on your business needs.
  3. Large Commercial Farms – Surprisingly agriculture is a huge customer base for Alkè in Italy, of which we agree! Large commercial farms can benefits from the functional features that the Alkè range have to offer. The standard ute range is definitely a goer, if you are after a specific farming utility vehicle – Alkè have one, watch the video here
  1. Holiday Parks – Perfect for site maintenance in large holiday parks. As we can see the ATX340E has points for functionality and efficiency. Which is just what you need in a holiday park. High pedestrian traffic is not a problem with the compact size of the vehicle.
  2. Waste Management Services – Naturally the waste collection unit comes to mind, if you are sub-contractor for councils or for large sites, this is the vehicle for you.
  1. Councils – The Waste Collection Unit or the High Pressure Cleaner configuration is perfect for councils. Solving the rubbish problem and the cleaning the streets – turn one into a combi version!
  1. Park Maintenance – All configurations can be used for this type of usage. The utilities help clear and tidy areas, whilst the waste collection unit organises the rubbish. In terms of the high pressure cleaner unit can focus on cleaning and with the 20m hose, plants and foliage can be watered where necessary.
  2. Airports – Our core range does the job in terms of carrying goods. However Alke have a specific vehicle for Airports that feature a closing cabin option for baggage as well as extra towing and load capacity.
  3. Cleaning Facility Management – The high pressure cleaner would be an all-star in this field. The water savings is cost efficient as well as the power in the high pressure cleaner saving you time.
The Ultimate Industrial Electric Vehicle Range - Alke Electric Vehicles » Industrial electric vehicle


If you were unsure if the Alkè core range we offered was a fit for your industrial or commercial business – we hope our usage suggestions helped clear a few things up! This range offers a great industrial electric vehicle choice or commercial electric vehicle choice! This range is powerful and versatile so the opportunities are endless even with the standard utility options. To view more options if you are still deciding which way to go, browse our website for more information. Alternately you can contact us directly via HQ at for direct enquiries.