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With the instant asset write off valid until December 2020 – there has never been a better time to compare products in the market.

Concerning industrial vehicle applications, the choice has be a good one. At Industrial Electric Vehicles* we want to show a clearer picture here so you can make the best economical decision for your business. Which is why you need to compare products.

Even if you have the money approved to spend, you need to make the right choice. Which is why we have decided to ‘compare the product’ against others in the Australian marketplace when it comes to Alkè Electric Vehicles. This kind of purchase is important – understanding the right fit for purpose for your industrial utility needs is something that Industrial Electric Vehicles* understands. Which is why we are excited to share the Alkè range with you and hope you can maximise the benefit of this great opportunity of the instant asset write off.

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What You Need to Know about the Instant Cash Write Off

The Australian Federal Government is now extending their instant asset write off until 31st December 2020. Now has never been a better time to buy a great asset for your business! All of the Alkè Electric Vehicles are distributed by us, are well within the threshold of $150,000 – so why wait?!

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Using the instant cash write off you are able to claim a deduction for each asset that costs less than the threshold that was applied when e asset was first used. Please ensure to check on your assets to see which threshold applies.

Check Your Assets!

Disclaimer: Please ensure to check out the ATO website in regards to this as our information is general in nature. You should take advice from the governments website and information and your relevant tax agent in regards to this.

Compare Products - Lets Make That Decision

Below will show the key features and specifications identified between the Alkè product and another brand example to help you make an informed decision. There are so many great brands out in the market currently. So with the opportunity to save money this year let’s see a key example of a similar product below.


Brand Example

Features and Specifications - Compare Products

Our Point of Difference

Providing Australia with the unique Alkè ATX product range offers not just great abilities in capacity and work ability– but versatility in usage against other brands in the market. Whilst primarily an industrial use vehicle, due to their compact nature, these vehicles are very diverse.

The Alkè ATX range offers more options in terms of seating capacity for example– which is great for bigger work sites. Not just that, they are smaller compact vehicles. This helps you weave in and out of tight corners in environments such as warehousing and busy airports. Making it the perfect easy to use work buddy.

The Italian quality of this brand speaks volumes and echoes around the world. In terms of Alkè’s consistency and innovative techniques to stay at the forefront of technological advances in the electric vehicle industry – they strive for more.

The Italian quality combined with the top quality of service of an upcoming brand of Industrial Electric Vehicles in Australia under the Australian Varley Group banner – one of the oldest engineering and manufacturing companies in Australia, provides the best of both worlds for you.

*Industrial Electric Vehicles is a subsidiary of Varley Electric Vehicles