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Alkè ATX340EH -The Cleaning Unit with High Pressure Cleaner

Another key product from the core range is the ATX 340EH – the high pressure cleaner and washer. Featuring a cleaning unit with a high pressure cleaner 600 litre tank with a 20m hose attached. An extension of the primary model the ATX340E, featuring the accessories of the high pressure cleaner and 600L Tank. EMC have chosen this configuration to be a key part of the ATX range rollout.

About Alkè & the Alkè Range

If you didn’t know about EMC now being the Primary distributor of the Alkè range, find out more here in our Introduction to Alkè Electric Vehicles article. Additionally, if you feel you need a simpler model with fewer features, and have stumbled across this article, here our other product article explaining the core ATX Range, featuring the ATX340E.

For now here’s a brief overview taken from our Introduction Article to keep you in the know and understand what Alkè is all about;

“Alkè Electric Vehicles are the number one in problem solving solutions concerning the utility vehicle problem for your commercial or industrial business. With over 25 years of experience in the vehicle market and now with a prominent presence throughout Europe, Alkè is now a key player in the electric vehicle market. Not only that, but their speciality surrounds itself within the industrial market with global presence growing more and more.”

Let’s get you introduced to one of the original products that inspires the range and deliver solutions to suit your business needs. 

Introducing the ATX340EH – The Cleaning Unit with High Pressure Cleaner 600Litre Tank

Electric Vehicles with Pressure Washer or Sprayer
Electric Vehicles with Pressure Washer or Sprayer
Configurations - Industrial Electric Vehicles

Tow & Load Capacity

  • Towing Capacity 4500kg
  • Chassis load capacity of the ATX340EH model with 10kW lithium batteries boasts up to 1630kg.

Imagine the increased capabilities with this amount of towing and load power? Across the ATX range the Alkè vehicles enjoy a large amount of towing and load capacity given the chosen operators the ability to do more.

High Pressure Cleaner – The Functionality Enhancer

The key difference with this high pressure cleaner and washer is that like all the ATX Range the base model is the same, however with the added high pressure cleaner and the 600Litre Tank, as well as the 20m hose, it becomes a higher functioning multipurpose unit.

The beauty of Alkè is that they realise different businesses have different needs. EMC have chosen this configuration to suit varied commercial and industrial clients as well as government sectors to that suit the Australian business market.

ATX340EH Difference

  • Watering Unit with 600L tank
  • COMBI High pressure cleaner with 20m hose

With this vehicle configuration functionality is improved, improving the efficiency of work. The effectiveness of this unit is unprecedented, giving you as an opportunity to increase the workload capabilities due to factors such as tow and load capacity, the use of the high pressure cleaner, and the ability to be effective with the volume in the tank that it holds.  

The 3 Key Advantages of a High Pressure Cleaner

  1. Make your services look new – if you have a professional warehouse or brand, you want it to be reflected in your work space. By having these extra functions on your Alkè vehicle, when external contractors or potential clients come to your site, it will reflect better on your brand to have a high functioning clean working environment.
  2. Cleanliness – High standards. In 2020 brand image is everything, are you being clean enough, professional enough, and is your business sustainable? The appearance of a clean environment means that you are all of these things. If you are concerned about water use being environmentally wasteful. There are plenty of sustainable options to choose from. For example, choosing greywater from your site, or recycled water options. Check out this information from Sydney water to find out more.
  3. Faster results – with the use of high pressure cleaner added to your Alkè vehicle, the results of cleaning are faster, giving your more time to focus of other tasks in your work day. Efficiency of work is increased by adding the powerful high pressure leaner to the mix. Picture the work day of cleaning made faster by this effective functionality enhancer.

Vehicle Specifications Across the ATX Range

Featured below is the base frame across the ATX range. These vehicles are by nature, compact. The catalogue states that they are ‘compact but tenacious.’ Versatile in concentrated form. They are in fact the preferred choice for key industrial players in the European market. Due there smaller nature, the ATX range can work in restricted areas – even indoors. The base of the model below is just the beginning as we can see the key difference in the functionality enhancer of adding the high pressure cleaner and water tank to the equation.

Alkè ATX340EH - High Pressure Cleaner

Where to use the ATX340EH - High Pressure Cleaner?

The high pressure cleaner, being a multipurpose unit, the options for this vehicle spread a wide net across of all sorts of industry. Being a high pressure cleaner primarily, it definitely is ideal for cleaning facility management, as well as many other large scale industries.

Cleaning Facility Management.

Public Sectors such as Councils.

Warehousing Facilities


Commercial Outlets

Due to the scale of the Alkè range abilities, large scale operations are the ones that are really going to benefit as a whole.

High Pressure Cleaner - Key Standard Features Include

  • AC 48V Electric Motors
  • Maximum power 14Kw
  • Maximum Speed 44km/h
  • Autonomy now up to 200km
  • Small width of 127cm, allows operation in restricted areas.
  • Climbing Ability of 30-35% – keeping up high performance with a slope resistance and tough terrain
  • N1 Type approved
  • 2 Seats as standard with the option of 4 seat
  • Right hand drive optional
  • Vehicle Performance settings have two modes, ECO and Sport as standard
  • Front Hydraulic Brakes and rear hydraulic drum brakes
  • Time Heated windshield
  • Battery swap system*

*Concerning the battery swap system, as a standard feature, all Alkè vehicles are providing with an option of either Gel or Lithium options. The advantages of Lithium LiFePO4 are many, including maintenance free and the longevity of the battery. If you haven’t already checked out our article on the base model in the ATX340E you can learn more about the advantages of choosing lithium for your chosen Alkè vehicle.

Cargo Area and Configurations - Optional Accessories Include:

  • Drop side body with manual tipping
  • Flatbed for special configurations
  • Drop side body with three side hydraulic tipping
  • Ambulance body with kits included; such as spinal board and box/seat for medical staff.
  • Box Van
  • Spare wheels
  • Shelves for Box Van (2 sets)
  • Tail lifters
  • COMBI Storage box
  • Removable rear seats with two independent seats, platform and 2 point seat belts.
  • Front and Rear Accessories such as a rear hydraulic kit, front protective bumper and an anti-roll kit.

Benefits – Let’s Talk About the Motor

We’ve already given you the key benefits of the Alkè vehicles in the Introduction to Alkè Electric Vehicles and The Alkè ATX Range – The ATX 340E. With years in the electric vehicle industry and now bringing it to Australia, it is important to note that the mechanics behind the vehicle be mentioned and are in fact – a feat of engineering. All Alkè electric vehicles have a computer on board that controls the electric motor to optimise use. The electric engine actually has a regenerative system that captures energy from braking. This in effect, creates an ulterior cut in energy consumption whilst converting kinetic energy of the vehicle into the battery. These vehicles also do not emit CO2 use, making them a perfect candidate for indoor use such as large warehousing facilities.

Alkè ATX340EH - High Pressure Cleaner

The Sustainable Option

Alkè as you can see are electric. That being a given it is already the better, sustainable option. With the contributing factors of the electric motor giving maximum efficiency with recycled energy – it’s a no brainer!

Not to mention Alkè has been an advocate for long standing sustainable solutions business, with their production process using sustainable methods of packaging and recycling in their procedures. As mentioned in our previous articles going green is not going away for business. To get on board to this initiative is great for your brand and in the long term saving you money and time in maintenance costs. Alkè vehicles by nature are long lasting, with less costs to maintenance of the vehicle and not have to replace for a long time enhances the sustainability factor, not just for the environment, but for business running costs – your bottom line.


So there you have it! If you are looking to boost functionality and love the extra features that the ATX340EH has to offer – then it is the vehicle choice for you. Specifically it is really the most suited number one choice for cleaning facility management and warehousing. This multipurpose unit allows more productivity in your workplace, and can be used by anyone with a normal license. These easy to use vehicles across the Alkè ATX range can give you more. The investment is worth it.